Raising Hope International Friends (RHIF) in a special way  is proud to announce our debut 2020 Jinja SICKLE CELL RUN Slated for 8th March (International women’s day) Sunday at Rugby Grounds (Dams Water) .
The Run will kick off at 7:AM from Jinja #Rugby #Grounds/Dams #Water  with a 5km to 10KM  run. 
At the same venue, There will be Free Sickle Cell counseling and testing, Free Consultation, Blood donation and referral for Sickle Cell victims.
 1) The purpose of this event is to raise funds to develop quality transitional programming focusing on support (Home Care mgt), Advocacy and awareness of sickle cell disease in Uganda which we believe it will make the special group is Sickle Cell warriors and the care takers exhilarated .
 2) To promote public awareness of SCD amongst health care professionals regarding the needs and experiences of families living with sickle cell disease.
3) To engage individuals and families living with sickle cell disease in planning and implementation of complications preventative strategies required to optimize care.

Run To Break the Sickle Cell Cycle: Where to get your kit.

Growing up with sickle cell disease (SCD) may be invisible but often affects an individual’s relationships, access to health services, social and emotional independence and may bring with it the sense of stigma for oneself and family. Adults with SCD and their family may display social delays, isolation, denial or feelings of being different. Stigma is often defined as a mark of shame, disgrace, disease, or abnormality (Goffman, 1963). The goal for adulthood is to overcome this characteristic of being discounted and to achieve self-acceptance and a place in society. That’s why RHIF was established to Advocate and sensitize Ugandans to embrace the cause and accept all those affected with sickle cell . The reason to join the race to fight against sickle cell disease in Uganda.