By donating to Raising Hope International Friends, you become a beacon of hope for Sickle Cell warriors worldwide. Your generosity extends beyond a financial contribution; it sends a powerful message of compassion, solidarity, and support.

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Your generous donation fuels our impactful initiatives, allowing us to extend a helping hand to Sickle Cell warriors and their families.

Empowerment Programs

our donation enables us to develop and implement empowering programmes that uplift Sickle Cell warriors, providing them with the tools, resources, and support needed to navigate their unique challenges and thrive.

Awareness Campaigns

By supporting our awareness campaigns, you help us break down barriers of misunderstanding and stigma surrounding Sickle Cell Disease. Together, we can foster a compassionate and inclusive society that embraces and supports those affected by this condition.

Advocacy & Support Services

With your support, we can amplify our advocacy efforts, urging policymakers and healthcare institutions to prioritize Sickle Cell Disease research, improved access to quality care, and equitable treatment options for all

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