Our Vision

We envision a generation free of Sickle Cell Disease where all affected persons is holistically empowered to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

To eliminate the effects of sickle cell disease through the advancement of advocacy, research, and policy development; to provide and enhance care and support for the affected individuals; and to provide effective means to reduce the risks and prevention of SCD throughout Uganda and across the globe.

” We position ourselves to be better and able to empower and assist people with sickle cell disorders to achieve their full economic and social potential.

OUR Objectives

To promote Sickle Cell trait counselling and Create public awareness of the need to fund scientific and clinical advances in SCD .
To collaborate with Uganda hospitals to design and implement SCD initiatives to help improve on Awareness and access to treatment and education.
To promote public awareness of SCD amongst health care professionals regarding the needs and experiences of families living with sickle cell disease.
To increase health intervention directly and indirectly to all classes of people in Uganda.
To engage individuals and families living with sickle cell disease in planning and implementation of complications preventative strategies required to optimize care.
To increase Psycho-social support to Gender Based Violence, Sickle Cell victims, young mothers, HIV/AIDS and other related affected victims.

On Social


Each donation, no matter how large or small, carries a Sickle Cell patient one step further to breaking the Sickle Cell Cycle. May we have your support?


Your donations will sponsor an event that raises awareness about sickle cell disease and help to save the next generation from the ailment.


One time or monthly giving.
Create lasting change for a child.
Make an impact in the world!


If you would like to volunteer to help us realize a sickle cell-free generation we would love for you to join us. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. We’re entirely run 100% by volunteers.