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Community Level Objectives

To sensitize the public and create awareness among communities about the SCD management, rights, care and needs for sufferers as well volunteer testing and prevention of spread of the disease – and reduce stigma related to SCD. To provide Screening services and counselling for SCD sufferers to seek proper medical care/treatment; promote appropriate management and nutrition. To increase availability of psycho-social support to people with sickle cell, affected individuals, and people living with HIV/AIDS. To establish forums at all levels for discussion, exchange of ideas on challenges affecting sickle cell young mothers and other sufferers. To empower rural women and young people in development activities and increase their participation in social economic ventures.

Institutional Level Objectives

To develop strategic partnerships and collaborate with the Ministry of Health and relevant Departments in designing and implementing SCD interventions that will advance and increase awareness and access to treatment and education on SCD - increase health intervention for SCD directly and indirectly in health facilities •To sensitize and skill health care workers/professionals of the needs regarding SCD sufferers/their care-givers -to provide information for proper management of the disease To advocate for SCD scientific and clinical research needs and raise funds to advance and implement the research interventions.

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