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RHIF has screened over 5,400 individuals, registered 900 sickle cell patients and 595 Sickle cell Traits/carriers of the gene. Different warriors have been linked to the hospitals that provide the sickle cell services

We created livelihood initiatives like tailoring, farming, handcrafts, among others to 50 sickle cell Families in Buyende District and 20 of these now
operate their own businesses.

Incorporated 3 Sickle cell clinics for accessibility of comprehensive, specialized, and affordable Sickle cell services. Monthly sickle cell medication is
often given to warriors

Through the home-based sickle cell care approach, over 25 fathers have been trained and empowered to provide care and support for their children.
The provision of home-based care skills has increased confidence and enabled fathers to strengthen their family bond.

Over 460,000 people have been educated and informed about sickle cell disease since its inception in 2016 through social media, media houses, awareness events, and medical outreaches we have continued to host.

RHIF has ensured quality and effective sickle cell awareness and advocacy for the past 5 years. Organized a sickle cell marathon in the Eastern region – Jinja City in 2020 and sickle cell awareness walk, soccer gala in Buyende District in 2021 as well participated in a number of virtual conferences and webinars.

The various training has brought about changes in attitude regarding sickle cell and work to reduce the stigma related to SCD among members.

RHIF uses media/electronics to disseminate information regarding sickle cell. Different media houses have hosted us to discuss the burden of
SCD in our country and to provide the solution.

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